R@pe, Genocide and a Cover-up: How Allegedly Britain Tortured and Killed 300,000

In Kenya, the British would pour pepper into the genitals of women, crush the testicles of men, rip them off and make them eat the testicles, sodomise prisoners with bottles and brooms. By 1960, 300,000 Kikuyu were either unaccounted for or dead.


Some British folks are delusional, others are ignorant, others are both but a few have the guts to face the truth. What is the truth of the British empire in Kenya? The truth is Kikuyu blood sinking into the land stolen from the same Kikuyu by white men playing an elaborate game of finders-keepers commissioned by British royalty. The truths modern Britain has no balls to accept are crushed and ripped out testicles of Kikuyu men, mutilated breasts of women as well as cut off ears and fingers. Beneficiaries of imperialism are blinded by their privilege to the gouging of Kikuyu eyes by the colonialist machinery and they are too busy on the colonial gravy train that they do not realise that in Kenya, men were dragged by Landrovers until they disintegrated into chunks of scavenger food. These are the truths modern Britain refused to tell until it was forced to and even when it did, numerous people attempted to downplay the ruthlessness of the British imperialist machinery.


Crimes of Britain against African populations have been unabated till date and need world’s attention because they need to face justice for the war crimes and human trafficking they committed against African, more especially in Biafra.

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