Nnamdi Kanu’s Member Delivers “Twin Boys”Hours After Doing THIS (PHOTOS)

Nnamdi Kanu’s Member Delivers  “Twin Boys”Hours After Doing THIS (PHOTOS)

Congratulations are adequately in order as a Biafran activist  welcomes a bouncing baby boys.

Onyeozi Chukwunonso is a fanatical loyalist of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB).  In a post he made via his facebook handle on 18th/1/2019, Onyeozi posted

“my expectation shall not be cut off, l’m in the mood of expectation now,I always know that expectation brings manifestation very soon my testimony will manifest even your own all of us will rejoice together, I don’t know what you are expecting but I’m here to tell you that it will surely come it will not delay it will not tarry just wait for it very soon you will shout the shout of joy and everyone around you will rejoice with you whether your enemy like it or not Iseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Then on 19th been yesterday, Onyeozi shared anther post

Nnamdi Kanu's Member Delivers "Twin Boys"Hours After Doing THIS (PHOTOS)

“Yesterday I told you guys that I am in the mood of expectation finally it have manifested ,your own will soon manifest Iseeeeeee ,if not my chi who else only my chi can do this, friends and family please join me thank my CHI for he has decided to filled my hands with multiple blessings my wife just delivered two bouncing baby boy Chimbuikem na Chimdindu. You that desire something like this receive your own Iseeeeeeeeee!. You can proudly called me nna ajima” .

IPOB members have since showered encomium  Onyeozi with congratulatory messages.

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