How IPOB Media Teams Brought “Biafra Plights” Into Global Context

The events in Biafra from 1967 to 1970 are worthy of study by themselves. More than fifty one years ago military leaders of the Igbo (Ibo) people attempted to create the independent Republic of Biafra through the secession of the Eastern region of Nigeria.

The attempt failed but the effort was accompanied and preceded by large scale massacres. Of course, massacres of this kind have occurred throughout time and across all cultures and seem to be especially frequent lately.

The event represents one of the first in the series of global crises in the television age where people outside the theater of crisis encounter the existence of vast human misery “almost first hand” before they actually find out (if they ever do) the issues and motivations of the actors involved. In short, concern outruns knowledge as outsiders try to grasp the basics of the conflict. This was true for Biafra for several reasons.

The break up of the vast European colonial empires following World War II created an unfamiliar “new world” by redefining and re-labeling the maps of much of the world with newly independent countries. The Cold War, a fact of life from the late 1940s to 1989, heightened people’s awareness of the potential for catastrophic outcomes from global crises even in situations where the interests of the US and the USSR were not directly at stake.

The continuing growth and use of electronic media, by IPOB especially television channels like YouTube , brought more pictures of misery and genocidal war against Biafran agitators  more quickly into many homes than in earlier times during the days of Ojukwu. Furthermore, the unfolding Civil Rights movement adopted by IPOB from the United States created an era which increased the awareness of many people about the importance of human rights and the need to protect these rights.

The institution of various IPOB media like Family writers, Biafra Writers , Biafra Post et al have really done good without which, the world would have been in total blackout while dozens of Biafran agitators keeps dying daily.

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