BREAKING!!! Ebonyi Daily News Publisher Attacked By Thugs Over Report On “Under Aged Voters In Ebonyi”.

An independent online media outlet in Nigeria has reported that its journalist who is a founder and publisher at Mr Chukwu Solomon was attacked on Sunday by some suspected thugs over a publications where he reported that under aged children was allowed to vote by the INEC Electoral officers in some part of Ebonyi state in the Saturday presidential and National Assembly elections. (A report which was supported by verifiable photos and video).

The men numbering about five drove their car with a restricted plate number to the residence of the reporter in Ebonyi and gave him a severe beating after questioning him over a story which was published on his online media platform which had since gone viral.

Mr Chukwu Solomon After Attacked By Thugs

According to Mr Chukwu Solomon, he was severely beaten in the presence of his wife and two Children who watched helplessly and his media gadgets including laptop smashed on the ground while his phone containing some sensitive information confiscated.

But for the timely intervention of some neighbors who were tipped off, the reporter’s ordeal and fate could have been terrible.

Smashed laptop of Mr.Chukwu Solomon

Smashed laptop of Mr.Chukwu Solomon

“I believe that this attack is exclusively tied to my professional activities,” Mr Solomon, who is also a member of the Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria (OMPAN) was quoted as saying.

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