Fear In Nigerian Seat Of Power As IPOB In Diaspora Threatened To Be More Deadly Than Terrorist If…

The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) in Malaga has  threatens to be more deadly than terrorists if angered by the Nigerian government to pick up arms.

IPOB Malaga made this known  during her end year conventional IPOB family meeting which comprises the present of all old and new members.

They went further to remind the Nigerian government that IPOB was ranked by different global bodies as one of the most peaceful and highest mass movement world wide.


“Any day IPOB will decide to pick arms don’t forget the below news”

“New Survey Ranks IPOB the most Civilized Separatist Movement Across the World”

“The survey conducted by Global Observers, a US group based in London, says that IPOB is the most civilized and non-violent separatist movement, not only in Africa but throughout the world”

“Thereafter, IPOB was listed as the separatist group in South Africa, which according to the report, has maintained a peaceful approach, although the group is not widely recognized around the world”

Catalonia emerged in third place, and that of the closest country to Nigeria, Ambazonia in Cameroon ranks 8th on the list.

According to the report published by Global Observers, “For a decade, IPOB is the most civilized and peaceful group seen in the world.”

“Many of its members have been killed by government forces, others are in prison, but that did not make them violent, that’s the attitude of civilized people.”

“Killing and using the military against the groups is not the solution, we urge the government to dialogue with the groups and address the problems increasing the tensions.”

“The Nigerian government should dialogue with IPOB and release its illegally arrested and detained members,” reads part of the survey statement.

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