6years After, Peter Obi Fails To Tell Ndigbo What Happened In Ezu River (A MUST READ)

The discovery of 35 corpses inside the Ezu River, at Amansea in Anambra state on 19th January 2013 is still fresh in the minds of Ndigbo. In fact it is a heinous crime which posterity will never forget.

Though 6 years has gone after this sad discovery yet the people of Anambra and Ndigbo in general will not forget the later administration of Peter Obi whose under his administration as the governor the crime was perpetuated.

The most worrisome in the discovery of the death of this able bodied young men that was cut off at their prime was that a post-mortem or ‘autopsy’ which ought to show full examination of their bodies to find out the exact cause of their death was never made available and no one has being held responsible for this crime.

The questions that should emanates in the minds of Igbo Sons & Daughters is: Does Peter Obi fail Ndi Anambra & Ndigbo atlarge over the mysterious death & Discovery of our brothers dead bodies ?

Indeed, Peter Obi failed Ndigbo. His failure to investigate and bring the perpetrators of this crime shows he is unfit to rule or oversees the affairs of Ndigbo at the federal level if given the chances.

After 6years of endless waiting , Peter Obi reappeared again to show us reasons why we shouldn’t trust in PDP again.

Until Peter Obi releases report or tell us what he knows on the death of 35 Igbo youths at Ezu River we shall continue to loose confidence in his leadership style.

Peter Obi will make lives of Igbo Youths vulnerable for attacks if given the chances to become the Vice President since he has proven to us he lacks security details in providing or bringing the masterminds of the crime to face the full wrath of the laws.

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