2019: We Will Not Vote Again – Nigeria Student Declares


Pocket your PVCs, Stop the general election, Nigerian students declares…….


With regards to the recent press release yesterday by Prof. Ogunyemi Biodun in Lagos, we understood that the ministry of labour and employment Sen. Chris Ngige have been giving false hope to Nigerian students, saying that there are progresses in the negotiations going on between FG and ASUU.

He said that both parties had reached partial agreement which gave relief and hope to thousands of Nigerian students, only for our hopes to be dashed yesterday by ASUU leader who said that his team may not honour any invitation from FG.

Now, it has dawned on us that Buhari’s government is playing with our emotions, future, ambitions, dreams, education and the round goodness!

How do we fight back? How do we refuse them? How do we show shameful Buhari’s government that our future cannot be played with?

They are pushing us to the wall. If NANS have been bought, you yourself have you been paid?

Don’t say it doesn’t concern you.Don’t you want to graduate? Do you want to forever depend on your parents?

We must make a change… we must fight evil. Stop the general election which they cherished because they stopped what we cherished. Pocket your PVCs. hamper their rallies…


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